[Development] ChangeLog hall of sh^H^Hfame

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Nov 19 06:30:21 CET 2014

After generating the changelog for Qt 5.4.0, here are the best entries. The 
following entries have NOT been added to the changelog file. As a punishment 
for the author and reviewers who let it through, you'll have to do it on your 
own :-)

 Added QOpenGLWidget. This widget serves as a replacement for QGLWidget.

 - [QTBUG-36899][QTBUG-40086] 

 Added QOpenGLWindow. This serves as a convenience class for
creating windows showing OpenGL content via an API similar to QGLWidget
and without any widget dependencies.

 - [QTBUG-36899] 

 Added QRasterWindow, a thin convenience wrapper for a
QWindow on which a QPainter can be opened.

 QOpenGLContext is now able to adopt existing native contexts.

 - [QTBUG-37552] 

 The eglfs mouse cursor properly resets the array buffer
to prevent rendering issues. This, just like with vertex attributes and
textures, requires applications to be aware of such state changes in

 - QWindow:
   * [QTBUG-40093] QWindow::close() sends a QCloseEvent which must be
     accepted before destroy() will be called. destroy() is the function to
     close the window without confirmation.

 - Windows:
   * [QTBUG-41031] The ANGLE D3D11 renderer was enabled by default. Systems
     which cannot use the new renderer will automatically fall back to the
     D3D9 renderer at runtime


 - QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent:
   * [QTBUG-39814] Accessors for Qt::MouseEventSource and
     Qt::MouseEventFlags were added to QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent to enable
     detection of synthesized mouse events.

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