[Development] Help needed to test Ministro 10.3, needed for Qt 5.4!

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  Well the bug-type is Defect and is still opened, so, we'll have to wait for the next version and see what happens. A similar problem I've had with Android 3.0, back them they've screwed .dex class loading, but they've fixed in the next version.

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Hmm... looking at the issue it seems to me that it is not going to be fixed, it is an intentional change.   They are tightening the platform from security point of view, and this change is similar to change that made removable SD cards much less useful in KitKat:  https://plus.google.com/+TodLiebeck/posts/gjnmuaDM8sn

http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/Context.html#MODE_WORLD_READABLE says it has been deprecated since API level 17, so I doubt they'll bring it back.

Ministro has had a good run, but unless I'm mistaken this
      basically kills it?


On 26/11/2014 13:28, Cristian Adam wrote:

Please "star" the android issue so that Google developers understand the severity of the problem.
>It's not like only six people are affected by this.
>On 26 Nov 2014 12:45, "BogDan" <bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Hello folks,
>>I have some bad news about Ministro on Android 5.0. Due to
              a bug https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=79478 introduced by Google in Android 5.0 final release apps that are using Ministro are not working anymore, on Android L preview it worked just fine. I hope in the next Android version Google will fix this problem.
>>New stuff added to Ministro 10.
>>- application startup up speed improvement, I've cuted +150ms from the
>>time that your application needs to wait for Ministro's response, now
>>your application waits 2-4ms (of course if Ministro doesn't need to
>>download/extract anything).
>>- extract Qt 5.4 QuickControls style info
>>- speed up the theme extraction (now it needs 2/3 of the previous time).
>>- extract InsetDrawable. On Android 4.4.4 it seems this Drawable is
>>used and will crash QWidget based apps if is not extracted.
>>New stuff added to 10.1
>>New stuff added to 10.3
>> - for more exceptions on Android 5.0
>> - extract default palette & fonts, needed by Qt 5.4
>> - extract some Android 5.0 specific look and style info.
>>What happen with 10.2?
>> - I bumped the version to 10.3 by mistake and I pushed it, so there was no 10.2 :).
>>How to test it:
>>- make sure the previous version is installed and your apps are using it.
>>- install over the previous version ($ adb install -r Ministro\ II\ v10.3.apk).
>>  * Ministro will extract again *ONCE* the style.
>>  * Trying your existing apps should *NOT* trigger any new downloads.
>>- after you test your applications with Ministro installed on top of
>>previous Ministro version, please test in on a clean installation. So,
>>go to settings -> apps and remove Ministro, then install it again ($
>>adb install Ministro\ II\ v10.3.apk).
>>  * Ministro should extract style info and certificates and it should
>>download again all needed libs.
>>  * Your application should work without any recompilation.
>>Please download and test Ministro from here:
>>Thank you!
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