[Development] QML instantiation performance

Juha Vuolle juvuolle at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 05:54:44 CET 2014


> It appears that the QQuickValueTypeProvider instances are continuously
> recreated (spinning at 100% and locking the incubator thread, which the main
> thread is waiting on).  Lars or Simon, are you able to guess what might
> cause this issue?  The implementation of qmlClearTypeRegistrations seems
> fairly straightforward, but my memory of the complexities of value type
> providers is hazy.
> Juha, are you seeing this issue also, or do I just have a broken build
> somehow?

Yes happens here too with similar back traces and high CPU loads (5.3.1 fedora).

This reminds me of an open bug that I hit when trying to use incubators:
(I am not sure if Monsieur Alpert is actively looking at issues these days.)
In my application I've set some asynchronous loadings to false because
they hang occasionally.


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