[Development] Qt List Items in 5.3

Lee Powell lee at literatureandlatte.com
Mon Oct 13 00:44:11 CEST 2014

My name is Lee Powell, I'm a developer for Scrivener for Windows and
Linux along with Tiho Dolapchiev. We're hoping, after trying to chase 
down some internal resources at Digia to no avail that this message 
board might be able to better assist with improving Qt's list item 
functionality in Qt5.

The reason for my post is to request at least a dash and star be added
to list items - these are ubiquitous among text editors and which currently
Qt does not support. We currently manage to trick Qt into drawing dashed
list items by drawing the dash on top of the default style that Qt is
drawing - which is not a great solution.

Currently Qt is drawing list item decorations as drawing
primitives (empty/filled circles and squares), but they can simply be
drawn via a character symbol. It needs minimum, low risk change in Qt
code to provide custom bullet symbols i.e. the following characters
correspond to the following bullets:

0x25cf – Disc
0x25cb – Circle
0x25a0 – Square

I know all you folks are busy as this is probably not a high community
request, but if you would consider adding dashes and stars to list items
at the very least that would be awesome. We'd be happy to implement
first and raise a merge request with the qt repository for the text
based bullet styles if Digia debs were not able to add the dash and star
decorations. Please let me know your preference.

Kind Regards

Lee Powell

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