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Milian Wolff milian.wolff at kdab.com
Tue Oct 14 18:35:38 CEST 2014

On Tuesday 14 October 2014 13:22:51 Tomaz Canabrava wrote:
> People, I'v read everything on the other two e-mails and I'v changed quite
> a few things here and again I ask for some advice.
> What I'v done:
> QConfig / QConfigGroup / QConfigWatcher combo classes, to be used from the
> user
> QConfigIniBackend, to be used internally.
> QConfig:
>    uses a 'global' QHash<QString, QConfigIniBackend> for different files in
> a way that we don't destruct the info when the object is destroyed, but
> reuses the JSON information stored, and parse it to the config object.
> it has a QConfigGroup 'global' value that can be acced directly via
> .setValue and .value

Why the global state? A QConfig should be valid for a single file and 
constructed on-demand. If you want to share stuff and keep it open, adding 
something like a KSharedConfig might be a good idea. But again, that is 
something that could/should be built on-top of QConfig (imo). 

> QConfig and QConfigGroup *does not* support setting a default value on the
> getter, I know that this is used in a lot of places but this can cause
> inconsistencies:
> Main.cpp
> QConfig c;
> c.value("window-width", 800);
> MainWindow.cpp
> c.value("window-width", 1200);
> so we must create a better way for that. for now, I simply removed the
> possibility for that, we can only do
> c.value("window-width");

And how do you check whether window-width was read or not? What do you return 
on error? A default-constructed value? What type does the value have for that 

Imo, this makes this API extremely inconvenient. Yes it's possible to do an 
error, but that is life. You should only add such error-prevention stuff into 
the high-level schema stuff, not into QConfig itself.

Without the ability to provide a default value, one can never figure out 
whether `c.value("some-int") == 0` means the value could not be read and a 
default should be used, or whether the value is 0.

> I plan to set the defaults via a schema-based file ( could be the KConfigXt
> based, but I dislike having to edit XML by hand, so something more similar
> to QML would be best ).
> Any tougths on that?

If you store JSON, maybe use JSON? The mapping will give you the default value 
and from there you get a type.

"foo" : 1,
"bar" : { "lala": "string" }

> QConfigWatcher: created automatically via the .watcher() method on QConfig
> and QConfigGroup

It should be the other way around, imo. Also see below.

> Removed the need for pointers and references, implemented via DPointer and
> move-semantics.
> Example usage:
>     QConfig config;
>     QConfigGroup window = config.group("window");
>     window.setValue("width", 800);
>     window.setValue("height", 600);
>     window.setValue("x", 100);
>     window.setValue("y",100);
>     window.setValue("opacity", 55);
>     QConfigGroup font = config.group("fonts");
>     font.setValue("family", "san-serif");
>     font.setValue("pointSize", 9);
>     font.setValue("bold", true);
>     font.setValue("italic", true);
>     QConfigGroup plasmoids = config.group("plasmoids");
>     for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++){
>         QConfigGroup plasmoid = plasmoids.group(QString::number(i));
>         plasmoid.setValue("name", "name_" + QString::number(i));
>         plasmoid.setValue("width", rand() % 100 + 100);
>         plasmoid.setValue("value", rand() % 100 + 100);
>     }
>     connect(plasmoids.watcher(), SIGNAL(changed(QConfigGroup)), this,
> SLOT(plasmoidsChanged(QConfigGroup)));
>     config.sync();

When the context is left, QConfig is destroyed. What happens to the watcher? 
It stays alive/is leaked? How can the connect work otherwise?

> TODO, but only after this part gets perfect, KconfigXT like automatic
> creation of classes and structures based on a schema file.

I hope, again, that you reconsider more API from the KConfig world. You 
decisions with the global state inside QConfig as well as the removal of 
default-values for reading from the config are very bad imo, and much better 
handled in K{,Shared}Config.


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