[Development] Compiler warnings

Kurt Pattyn pattyn.kurt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 09:26:34 CEST 2014

Hi Bo,

> On 14 Oct 2014, at 10:21, Bo Thorsen <bo at vikingsoft.eu> wrote:
> Den 14-10-2014 08:59, Kurt Pattyn skrev:
>> how do these applications comply with MISRA?
> MISRA is impossible to comply with for a framework. For example, consider the required rule 0-1-11: "There shall be no unused parameters (named or unnamed) in non-virtual functions."
> With this, void f(int /*no_longer_used*/) is illegal. For any non-trivial framework that keeps binary compatibility, this will over time be hit.
On second thought, I think this is a very bad example. Even while you keep binary compatibility, you break semantics here. This is typically a case where one should break binary compatibility.
I am sure (or at least I hope so) that Qt does not allow these kind of things.
Furthermore I am only concerned with the public part of the Qt framework including generated code. I am talking about missing default switch statements, incomplete switch statements, implicit conversion between signed and unsigned integers, aso.



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