[Development] Help needed to test Ministro 10.0

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 09:50:16 CEST 2014


I did a minor update to Ministro and I upload a new version to:

I just bumped the Ministro API version[1]. The new Ministro API version is required by any Qt 5.4 application in order to make sure that all the needed style info is extracted.


[1] http://commits.kde.org/ministro/7f29d16ee0a87ca115d27d0542d80111208c8343

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Subject: Help needed to test Ministro 10.0

Hello folks,

New stuff added to Ministro 10.
- application startup up speed improvement, I've cuted +150ms from the
time that your application needs to wait for Ministro's response, now
your application waits 2-4ms (of course if Ministro doesn't need to
download/extract anything).
- extract Qt 5.4 QuickControls style info
- speed up the theme extraction (now it needs 2/3 of the previous time).
- extract InsetDrawable. On Android 4.4.4 it seems this Drawable is
used and will crash QWidget based apps if is not extracted.

How to test it:
- make sure the previous version is installed and your apps are using it.
- install over the previous version ($ adb install -r Ministro\ II\ v10.0.apk).
  * Ministro will extract again *ONCE* the style.
  * Trying your existing apps should *NOT* trigger any new downloads.
- after you test your applications with Ministro installed on top of
previous Ministro version, please test in on a clean installation. So,
go to settings -> apps and remove Ministro, then install it again ($
adb install Ministro\ II\ v10.0.apk).
   * Ministro should extract style info and certificates and it should
download again all needed libs.
  * Your application should work without any recompilation.

Please download and test Ministro from here:

Thank you!


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