[Development] Qt5*Config.cmake files: _qt5_*_check_file_exists macros and plugins

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Mon Oct 20 15:54:45 CEST 2014

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer wrote:

> On Friday 17 October 2014 17:02:04 Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Hi,
> tl;dr; We have found the same problem in Debian, but steveire told us that
> the idea of those CMake files is to provide a way to find the plugins if a
> developer is doing it's own installer.
> So far our solution has been to not ship *Plugin.cmake in the -dev
> packages...
> [snip]
>> 2. Delete the *Plugin.cmake files entirely. That's what Debian is
>> currently
>>    doing.

The approach I'm taking in latest fedora packaging (5.4.0-beta) is to 
include these *Plugin.cmake style bits in the runtime (instead of -devel) 
packages so that the targets they reference always exist.

-- Rex

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