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Federico Buti bacarozzo at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 10:22:48 CEST 2014

Hi all.
in the git repository of Qt4.8 it is possible to read

   1. qdoc3 is the tool used to generate the Qt reference documentation.
   2. The source code is included as part of this package primarily to
   3. fulfill our GPL obligations. We highly recommend using
   4. Doxygen (http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/) for generating
   5. documentation for your Qt-based application.

However, I was not able to find the same statement in 5.x versions. I've
also found a manual about the usage of the tool which suggests that it can
be (possibly?) used now for documentation. Searching the Internet, I've
found a discussion about the future of qdoc dated 2012 but was unable to
find newer information.

So, in short, which is the current state of the affairs? It is
possible/advisable to use qdoc or not? Is there a read me like the above in
Qt 5.x?

Thanks in advance for answering this stupid curiosity of mine :)

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