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Gerry Boland gerry.boland at canonical.com
Mon Aug 10 20:50:15 CEST 2015

Hi Oswald

On 10/08/15 13:01, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> the description on launchpad:
>> This projects contains code to integrate Qt with the Mir display
>> server as follows:
>> - a QPA plugin to enable Qt applications as Mir clients
>> - a QPA plugin and support module to enable Qt/QML be a Mir display
>>   server
> so these are actually two things.

That description out of date, I will get it fixed to remove the first
entry. Instead QtMirServer is:

1. a QPA plugin, which wraps a Mir server, allowing Qt to be the
compositor. Mir sets up the GL context for Qt, allowing it to draw to
the framebuffer, and Mir feeds input into Qt's event loop.

So on a device where Mir is working, one can simply do
QT_QPA_PLATFORM=mirserver qmlscene something.qml
and see the QML drawn directly on screen, and be fully interactive.

2. a QML plugin (in src/modules), to allow one to manage the Mir server
and integrate client surfaces into the Qt scene graph. This enables
actual compositing.

This second piece requires the most work, as so far it has evolved just
to satisfy unity8's requirements. But the longer-term intention is to
deliver a C++ library to control the Mir server, and have the QML module
export this API to QML in a nice way.

> but then, i don't really understand what src/modules is about.
I hope the above helps

> care to elaborate what you want to transfer and how (history?)?
The two pieces are closely connected, so ideally both. History will be a
project, there is bzr-git which should work.


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