[Development] RFC: more liberal 'auto' rules?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Dec 4 17:39:01 CET 2015

On Friday 04 December 2015 15:46:58 Bubke Marco wrote:
> Hmm,  do you really believe we cannot improve? If you compare signal and
> slots with resumable functions it looks quite complicated for many use
> cases. Look how complicated our network API is. It could be much easier
> with resumable functions. I don't say signal slots should go away but
> should be used in places their they have still an advantage. 

Our networking API is quite complex, but it could be worse. It could be like 
Boost.Asio and what's being proposed to the C++ standard networking API.

Let me put it this way: *I* do not understand it.

So yeah, we should use new things that make our lives and our users' lives 
easier, like we've done with variadic templates. We do not have to use things 
that make it worse.
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