[Development] RFC: more liberal 'auto' rules?

Mathias Hasselmann mathias at taschenorakel.de
Mon Dec 7 14:39:37 CET 2015

Am 07.12.2015 um 15:39 schrieb Marc Mutz:
> - auto everywhere in C++ means that the type of the rhs defines the type of the
>    variable

To the extreme of having:

     auto x = Type { init };

Instead of:

     Type x(init);

...if you follow Herb Sutter to the extreme[1]. It feels quite extreme 
in the first moment, but undeniable has some inner logic if you read 
that article to the end. I am undecided by myself still since that 
proposal is that extreme. Well, but this could just mean I am getting 
old and inflexible.


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