[Development] High-DPI 5.6 beta update

Giuseppe D'Angelo dangelog at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 20:43:15 CET 2015

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 8:25 PM, rpzrpzrpz at gmail.com
<rpzrpzrpz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Image
> {
>     id: gicon
>     source: qrc:/img/test.svg
>     anchors.fill: parent
> }
> Pro File:
> QT += svg
> Outside of the app, in the Android Manifext.xml and IOS, you need to provide
> pre-generated launcher PNG icons, but inside the app as well?
> Your thoughts on projects that use ONLY SVG image resources and not

But the above:

1) already works
2) is limited to SVG Tiny (that is, whatever QtSvg support)
3) has terrible performances due to the rasterization (which has a
huge cost, happens entirely at runtime, and whose results are not
4) gives worse visual results than icons which were produced by
rasterizing SVG files, then having artists giving final touches the

Are you really sure you want to go down this path?

My 2 c,
Giuseppe D'Angelo

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