[Development] Qt 5.6.0 beta. win32 vs11 32 bit fails with uic.exe showing dialog qt5core.dll cannot be found.

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Tue Dec 22 12:53:12 CET 2015

> The thing is that in Qt 5.5.1, uic.exe and qlalr.exe were also build
> using qtcore dll, but there this was not a problem.
> In wec build they are always build statically, i think that should be
> made uniform. 
> Now that I look closer i see the cause of the problem:
> set PATH=D:\TFS\bld__GLOBAL\Qt5.6.0\WIN32-VS11-32\qtbase\bin
> vs.
> set PATH=D:\TFS\bld__GLOBAL\Qt5.5.1\WIN32-VS11-32\qtbase\lib
> So actually anyone who successfully build qt 5.6 beta on windows seems
> to have some directory containing a Qt5Core.dll in the PATH env variable.

... hmm ... i ran into this issue before with rcc (iirc), but not with
uic or qlalr ...

btw, qt's translation tools also fail to run for me:

hope with these two patches, msvc/dll builds work again ...


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