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Dmitriy - dima00782 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 10:47:11 CET 2015

I want to port v4 engine to the new platform. The platform is Linux OS and
new processor. The processor looks like intel itanium. It is VLIW and EPIC.
I have a c++/c compilers for the new architecture.

I want to design qt quic qml application for the new platform. As a can see
in code, I need v4vm backend for this purpose.

I'm see this:

case use_moth: {
        QV4::EvalISelFactory* iSelFactory = 0;
        if (mode == use_moth) {
            iSelFactory = new QV4::Moth::ISelFactory;#ifdef V4_ENABLE_JIT
        } else {
            iSelFactory = new QV4::JIT::ISelFactory;#endif // V4_ENABLE_JIT

        QV4::ExecutionEngine vm(iSelFactory);

        QV4::Scope scope(&vm);
        QV4::ScopedContext ctx(scope, vm.rootContext());

As I understand v4vm has two backends - Moth and Masm.

What is Moth?

Dmitry Bezheckov.
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