[Development] High-DPI on Win

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Dec 28 22:54:25 CET 2015

On Monday 28 December 2015 21:50:18 Die Waldmanns wrote:
> (2) Allow setting the devicePixelRatio programatically. The current method
> via an environment variable might not be considered acceptable, or a
> programmer might want to modify the built-in method of how it is determined
> automatically. Im not sure if this could be achieved now by e.g. calling
> QHighDpiScaling::setGlobalFactor(). Anyway, I think the mechanism should be
> part of the API, i.e. be simple, official, and documented (e.g. a virtual
> method which can be overloaded). It would avoid clumpsy work-arounds such
> as calling os.environ['QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO'] = str( int(winScale) ) from
> within the code.

That is definitely not going to happen. Applications should never have to 
override the value. Either it is correctly guessed by Qt based on system 
defaults or the user set the value that is correct for that system.

The application must never override it.
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