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Mark De Wit mark.dewit at iesve.com
Tue Dec 29 15:18:20 CET 2015

Good point - not my app, but I checked the Qt version number of the one that annoys me most, and it's using 5.4.1.

Most of the stuff we write here we test at high-dpi, and it's generally working ok (tested only at 5.4, not tested 5.6 because we have a dependency on webkit).  Some things don't scale properly in Qt (UI elements such as splitter bar gripper + corresponding splitter cursor comes to mind).  

We've also been hit by SVG images not upscaling beyond their "native" size (from memory, they're not rendered larger than their viewport?), had to wrap the images in a transform to make them scale to 250%.


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On Tuesday 29 December 2015 09:45:19 Mark De Wit wrote:
> Sadly, I must agree with you that Qt does indeed not handle high-dpi windows
> very well ☹   I have Qt applications that I cannot use on my system, and
> have resorted to qt.conf to turn off DPI-awareness for them; fuzzy 
> scaling was preferable to not being able to use the application.

Using 5.6?
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