[Development] Deprecating modules with 5.5

Knoll Lars Lars.Knoll at theqtcompany.com
Tue Feb 3 09:49:59 CET 2015

On 03/02/15 09:35, "Alexey Pavlov" <alexpux at gmail.com> wrote:

>2015-02-03 10:33 GMT+03:00 Knoll Lars <Lars.Knoll at theqtcompany.com>:
>I’d like to mark a few modules as deprecated with 5.5, and most likely
>remove them from the binary packages with 5.6. These modules are:
>* Qt WebKit
>* Qt Declarative (Qt Quick 1)
>* Qt Script
>All of these modules are by now a couple of years old, don’t receive
>updates above the bare minimum and have a replacement that is actively
>being developed in Qt 5.
>Does this mean that QtWebEngine will be provided for Mingw targets
>instead Webkit? Now Mingw can't build QWebEngine.

It’ll probably be difficult to build WebEngine against Mingw, but I hope
that we can build it with clang on Windows when 5.6 comes. Currently you
have to use MSVC if you need WebEngine on Windows.

But we don’t really have a choice, as there is no upstream for Qt WebKit
anymore. This implies that we’d have to fully develop that fork on our own
to support is. That in turn requires a team far larger than what we have.
So it’s simply not doable.


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