[Development] Upgrading the sources to C++11 keywords (Q_NULLPTR, etc.)

Hausmann Simon Simon.Hausmann at theqtcompany.com
Wed Feb 11 07:54:52 CET 2015

I suppose that it is absolutely unlikely that we are going to find a consensus on what is purely an aesthetic issue.

I for one am entirely with André and I do not like UPPERCASE macros in my face unless I can avoid them. It's aesthetics and I suppose there is little that will change that.

As approver I will approve code that uses Q_NULLPTR but I expect others reviewing my code to respect my preference to use 0 until we can use nullptr.


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On Tuesday 10 February 2015 20:13:12 André Pönitz wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 07:53:23PM +0100, Marc Mutz wrote:
> > On Tuesday 10 February 2015 17:28:09 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > > On Tuesday 10 February 2015 15:34:45 Knoll Lars wrote:
> > > > +1. I’m ok with us making sure our headers are clean against warnings
> > > > (if possible), but I don’t see a real need to enforce it’s usage in
> > > > implementations.
> > >
> > > Fair enough. But how about allowing people to change zeroes to
> > > Q_NULLPTR?
> >
> > Even more importantly: what about new code?
> Can't you simply wait until 'nullptr' is available?


For a simple reason: using nullptr (Q_ or not) is more expressive than 0. And
why would i want to throw away information I already have?

> Do you really *need*
> to use macros instead of the core language?

Do you use 'emit' when you emit signals? Lemme tell you: It's a pesky macro
and it just adds line noise.

So tell me.. where's the difference?


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