[Development] Reproducible Qt ; the purpose of QLibraryInfo::buildDate

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Sun Feb 15 16:24:08 CET 2015

El Thursday 05 February 2015, Thiago Macieira escribió:
> On Thursday 05 February 2015 11:07:29 Koehne Kai wrote:
> > It's not used anymore in the evaluation process, AFAICT. I wouldn't mind
> > deprecating it ...
> Then change it to 2012-12-20.

Isn't this just breaking the function, and marking it as deprecated an excuse 
for breaking it with less guilt?

People might rely on the function in proprietary applications in ways that are 
impossible to predict.

Making the Qt builds reproducible should still be possible by faking the date 
of the build, isn't it?

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