[Development] qt-4.8.x gcc5 version/detection issues

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Feb 16 16:51:26 CET 2015

On Monday 16 February 2015 08:55:14 Rex Dieter wrote:
> * webkit components don't build, this is due to a configure check for 
> gcc-4.x, here's my quick-n-dirty fix (for g++ stanza only, others probably 
> should get touched too):
> http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/qt.git/tree/qt-fix_detection_of_gcc5.patc
> h

This one is a backport of 9fb4c2c412621b63c06dbbd899f44041b2e126c2, so please 
include the qtbase commit ID in the commit message.

> * QT_BUILD_KEY handling

In your commit message, please write that Qt 5 has no build keys so no patch 
to Qt 5 was necessary.

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