[Development] Proposal: Deprecating platforms in Qt 5.6 that don't support lambda

Olivier Goffart olivier at woboq.com
Fri Feb 20 12:32:45 CET 2015

On Friday 20 February 2015 11:15:32 BogDan wrote:
> I fully agree with you, but, sadly, I think it will not be possible in 5.x.

We started supporting C++98 during the course of Qt 4.x.
We dropped MSVC 6, in Qt 4.5 (despite there was still people using it) and 
were able to finally use member template functions for example and deprecate 
qObjectFind and such.

I don't see why we could not force C++11 during Qt 5.x lifetime.
Remember that Qt 6 is in the very far future if it is going to ever exist.
Qt 5 is there to stay a long time.

At some point we are going to drop MSVC 2008 and GCC 4.4
The question is when. 
And to answer this question we can use the facts such as how many people are 
still needing it. Is supporting those worth the burden. 

> IMHO for the start  we should use C++11/14 in the QPA plugins when we know
> for sure that the compiler supports these features.E.g. I already used
> (stashed) some C++11 features in the Android QPA, but sometime I got -1s
> because I used them ... 

True,  you should not get -1 for that.


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