[Development] Qt 5.4 multi-touchscreen problem.

Celal SAVUR c.savur at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 23:42:26 CET 2015

Hello Everybody,

I am trying to use a multi-touch screen with my qt application. I have
downloaded the qt 5.4 for Linux (Ubuntu 14.04). But unfortunately
Gesture event does not deliver to the event function.

My goal to catch swipe gesture then assign some task to do so.

I tried to download Qt 5.4 source code then compile myself but anytime I
try to configure the source file the flag was "mtdev no". After my
research, I have discovered Qt required xinput 2.2 and higher but ubuntu
14.04 using 1.6xx.

One interesting thing is that gesture (just touchbegin, touchpdate,
touchend) is working with Qt 4.8 but not working Qt 5.4. I want to use
Qgesture class but it does not work either 4.8 nor 5.4.

I have spent too much time to fix this problem, but I could not. I need
someone to help me to overcome this problem.

Thank you in advance.

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