[Development] C++11 for Examples

Rutledge Shawn Shawn.Rutledge at theqtcompany.com
Tue Mar 3 12:52:45 CET 2015

On 3 Mar 2015, at 11:30, Guido Seifert <Wargand at gmx.de> wrote:

>> Make it unconditional and let people disable with -nomake tests or 
>> -no-compile-examples if they have older compilers.
> Why not make different example categories? One category, which has the same policies as Qt itself, i.e. it compiles
> with all the compilers Qt supports. Additionally a category, which uses all new stuff C++11 stuff. And perhaps an 
> experimental cat, which is insane and requires C++2x <--- ok, slight exaggeration.

Schrödinger’s cat?

> Then the cats could be disabled with  -no-compile-examples, -no-compile-examples-modern, -no-compile-examples-insane.

Creator has those “tags” on the examples page (so that you can e.g. find all the examples that show off certain platforms, or that use QtQuick), so the easiest would be to tag whichever examples we get around to updating to use some c++11 features.

> I was in several projects where I have been told: Don't use this feature, don't use that feature. Sometimes the reasons
> where understandable, sometimes I had the feeling the reason was the project manager was stuck in 98 and did not understand
> anything beyond that. 
> Now it is not Qt's task to teach modern C++, but if examples using those new features help/convince other people to migrate,
> it also helps Qt.

and the ones who are “stuck” will use it as as an excuse not to use Qt, if none of the examples work on their compilers, or they just have mental blocks to understanding them.  So we should probably start small.

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