[Development] >= 5.3 bug? GraphicsView and mouse event doubleclick flag

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gna.org
Tue Mar 10 03:32:46 CET 2015

Hi Trolls!

The documentation said that the Qt::MouseEventCreatedDoubleClick flag of 
Qt::​MouseEventFlags "Indicates that Qt has created a 
MouseButtonDblClick event from this event. The flag is set in the 
causing MouseButtonPress, and not in the resulting MouseButtonDblClick."
It is marked as "since Qt 5.3", and the corresponding issue ticket is 

I'm am trying to use this feature (w/ Qt 5.4) for a QGraphicsView 
(placed on a QtDesigner based MainWindow) and i've traced the event 
calls when doing a double click:
- mouse press event w/ empty flags
- mouse release event with empty flags
- mouse double click event with empty flags
- mouse release event with empty flags

So basically my view never receive the event with the 
MouseEventCreatedDoubleClick falg set.

In the description of QTBUG-25831, it seems that only "QWidgetWindow" 
receive the event with the falg set, but not the "QWidget".

Is this a bug, a feature, or am I missing something?


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