[Development] The dark side of QtSvg

Massimo Callegari massimocallegari at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 12 18:29:09 CET 2015

Guido, Giuseppe, I got your points.
It's so sad to read "we don't have the resources" cause I believe Qt has an enormous potential and I enjoy every day using it (except when I can't get things to work lol)
As for me taking care of such matters....well....you don't really want that :) (and I have no time for it anyway)
My email was just an idea thrown on the plate, but I understand the technical bits behind it and if Blink is seen as a black box, then it's reasonable to say that the SVG part must stay in there "as it is".
I did a quick search for SVG rendering libraries and couldn't find any, sorry ! (unless you want to drag Cairo or Skia into Qt...)

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 Oggetto: The dark side of QtSvg
Apologies if my mail doesn't have proper carriage returns in pipermail ! (my crappy webmail's fault)
Just want to add a third advantage in decoupling QtWebEngine from SVG:
3- it removes duplicated code between QtSvg and QtWebEngine


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