[Development] Deprecating modules with 5.5

Knoll Lars Lars.Knoll at theqtcompany.com
Wed Mar 18 08:31:00 CET 2015

On 18/03/15 07:44, "Bo Thorsen" <bo at vikingsoft.eu> wrote:

>Den 17-03-2015 kl. 23:45 skrev Thiago Macieira:
>> On Tuesday 17 March 2015 17:14:38 Jan Kundrát wrote:
>>> On Tuesday, 3 February 2015 08:33:46 CET, Knoll Lars wrote:
>>>> * Qt WebKit
>>> While I understand the reasons on why you want to remove this one, I
>>> that this goes against the promise of compatibility at [1]:
>>> "Qt essentials define the foundation of Qt on all platforms. They are
>>> available on all supported development platforms and on the tested
>>> platforms. They will remain source and binary compatible during Qt 5."
>>> Both "Qt WebKit" and "Qt WebKit Widgets" are listed under Essentials.
>>> QtScript and QtDeclarative are listed as Addons, and "could probably

Yes, they are listed under Essentials, and we’ll need to move them over to
add-ons. Unfortunately, we rely on a lot of 3rd party code (ie. WebKit)
with the module, and as you probably know there were major changes in the
landscape happening there when Google decided to for the whole thing and
go their own way.

Unfortunately this simply made it impossible for us to continue with Qt
WebKit as before. We had to make some hard decisions, and the result was
to focus on the new Webengine module, as we didn’t see a way to continue
to support WebKit properly.

>>> You're of course free to do whatever you want to do -- it's just that
>>> project has promised that this won't happen.
>> We promised not to break source or binary compatibility. Where are we
>> that?
>Removing classes is as binary incompatible as you can possibly make it.

Deprecating an API is different from removing it. Deprecating is about
asking people not to use this for new code/projects anymore.


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