[Development] Removing the -c++11 option from configure

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sat Mar 21 21:53:34 CET 2015

On Saturday 21 March 2015 18:55:52 Edward Sutton wrote:
> When cross-compiling Qt for embedded use, are C++11 compilers always
> available?

Yes, of course. Embedded targets use GCC too.

But that's not relevant to this discussion.

> Personally I have avoided using latest  C++11 in my Qt applications.
> My concern is that I will need to port a Qt app to an embedded platform that
> only has no C++11 compilers.  Or perhaps an old Linux distribution such as
> RHEL 5.

RHEL 5 is already not supported and hasn't been since Qt 5.0. That's 
irrelevant for this discussion.

Let me clarify what I said:

> > We'd like to make Qt build unconditionally with the latest version of the
> > C++
> > standard that is supported by the compiler.

That means detecting what's supported and turning it on. I am not saying we 
will stop supporting compilation in C++98 mode for compilers that don't 
support C++11. I meant that we will turn C++11 support unconditionally if the 
compiler supports it.

In other words, if you have GCC 4.4 or higher, you won't be able to compile Qt 
in C++98 mode. The question is: why would you want to?
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