[Development] bug: qmake ignores CMAKE_CC and CMAKE_CXX while building Qt 5.3.2???

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 16:00:06 CET 2015

On Monday March 23 2015 06:53:19 Thiago Macieira wrote:

>> Just to be clear: *my* point is that on OS X those variables are basically
>> ignored during a Qt build.
>Which part of a Qt build? The build of:
> - qmake
> - a host library or of libQtBootstrap.a
> - a target library

What's that distinction between a host and a target library?
In a nutshell, I'm building Qt, everything except for QtWebEngine. I unpack the qt-everywhere tarball, remove the qtwebengine directory, run configure and then gmake. The compilers used in the gmake step is what has been causing me problems.

>Also, since you're on OS X, why does the build think you're cross-compiling? 
>Did you pass different -platform and -xplatform switches? Or am I mis-
>interpreting the situation?

I didn't say the build thinks I'm cross-compiling, nor that I use -xplatform. I did mention cross-compiling, but in the sense of doing a build for 32bit on a 64bit system.
You probably know that with clang that is almost the same as cross-compiling: a matter of a few additional commandline arguments.

>> *) 1 probable bug: one of the geoclue files does `value = new GValue; *value
>> = GVALUE_INIT;`. Apparently that passes Apple's clang and gcc, despite the

>It's valid C++11, though it's not valid C++98.

That's what I figured; I'm less sure why there's C++11 code when the corresponding configure option hasn't been given. C++11 support is problematic on 10.6 and really only (partly) possible using an FSF gcc compiler. Which won't support a range of Apple-specific commandline options (even though some are available under a different name).

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