[Development] Marking BB10 unsupported

Vladimir Minenko vladimir.minenko at pelagicore.com
Tue Mar 24 10:23:35 CET 2015

On 24/03/15 09:04, Blasche Alexander wrote:
> The BB10 code in Qt is not just the platform plugin. Does this
> statement apply to all other BB10 code throughout other Qt modules?

Following this question from Alex, and actually asking more Rafael. What 
do you mean exactly with "mark the BlackBerry 10 platform unsupported"? 
Which problem do you like to solve?

> To mind comes sensors, qtlocation, bluetooth, nfc and maybe
> multimedia.

On top of this, the current implementation of QPA for BB10 is very much 
interlinked with the QNX one, it is basically almost the same.

While clarifying which problem will "mark the BlackBerry 10 platform 
unsupported" actually solve, I just want to warn that making actual 
changes in code in that respect will result in quite some work. I'm not 
sure if somebody in the project has that much time for this.

> And just out of curiosity, how do I distinguish QNX from BB10.The
> line is often very blurry.

Indeed. It is just as easy as on other platforms which have used a core 
OS and have added middleware and apps on top. Do you know the way how to 
distinguish Linux from Andriod which runs on top of it?

Generally, there are defines set by configure which let you check you 
you run on pure QNX or on BB10.


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