[Development] Errors in release mode only

raven-worx Software info at raven-worx.net
Mon Mar 30 21:21:27 CEST 2015


i get the following print outs to the console and absolutley have no clue why:

SHIMVIEW: ShimInfo(Complete)
QEventLoop: Cannot be used without QApplication
QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::aboutToQuit() to  

But this only happens in RELEASE MODE! DEBUG mode works fine and these  
print outs are not showing up.

I even get these print outs when my main() only returns 0, so no  
QApplication is instantiated meaning as soon as i link against Qt  

Once the application starts up i also noticed that (queued) signals  
from other threads are not delivered anymore, which most probably  
involves the QEventLoop error message somehow. But on the other hand  
events from the OS are delivered.

I am using:
QtCreator 3.3.1, MSVC2012, Qt 5.4.1

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