[Development] QStandardPaths::writableLocation() on OSX in test mode

David Faure faure at kde.org
Wed Nov 11 21:21:50 CET 2015

On Wednesday 11 November 2015 19:09:58 Petroules Jake wrote:
> Feel free to do whatever you like for test mode but do not change the existing writable paths.

Jake, I would like to understand why you say that. As the QSP author and maintainer,
I am 100% sure that the value of writableLocation(x) should be under $HOME.

Spot the wrong value in this list of results:

Writable locations:

AppConfigLocation = $HOME/Library/Preferences/qtpaths
AppDataLocation = $HOME/Library/Application Support/qtpaths
AppLocalDataLocation = $HOME/Library/Application Support/qtpaths
ApplicationsLocation = /Applications
CacheLocation = $HOME/Library/Caches/qtpaths
ConfigLocation = $HOME/Library/Preferences
DataLocation = $HOME/Library/Application Support/qtpaths
DesktopLocation = $HOME/Desktop
DocumentsLocation = $HOME/Documents
DownloadLocation = $HOME/Downloads
FontsLocation = $HOME/Library/Fonts
GenericCacheLocation = $HOME/Library/Caches
GenericConfigLocation = $HOME/Library/Preferences
GenericDataLocation = $HOME/Library/Application Support
HomeLocation = $HOME
MoviesLocation = $HOME/Movies
MusicLocation = $HOME/Music
PicturesLocation = $HOME/Pictures
RuntimeLocation = $HOME/Library/Application Support
TempLocation = $TMPDIR

This is a bug, it was never intended for writableLocation to return a system-wide path.

I can imagine that there is actually no use case for users writing into an
ApplicationsLocation under $HOME on OSX (KDE code excluded).
But in that case making the value more consistent with the other ones can't possibly hurt.

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