[Development] FreeBSD 10 and up, No gcc and solution

Daniel Dettlaff dmilith at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 13:01:26 CET 2015

Hello, I’m heavy Qt user under FreeBSD on my servers (no gui stuff).

Here’s a definition for qt5 in my software (skip the software, it doesn’t matter): https://bitbucket.org/verknowsys/sofin-definitions/src/e57660d476d3725dc7aaa8a637be59da59349b22/definitions/qtbase55.def?at=stable&fileviewer=file-view-default

I created a spec for freebsd-clang based on freebsd-g++46.
It’s described/ scripted how I did create freebsd-clang spec for fBSD 10 and 11 (tested with a lot of modules, and external Qt software since FreeBSD 10.0)
Standard specs bundled by default are - freebsd-g++, freebsd-g++46 and freebsd-icc - which simply wont work anymore for newer FreeBSD OS releases (without gcc).

My question is could you please provide such spec by default to be shipped with Qt itself? My solution is a hack obviously.

kind regards
Daniel (dmilith) Dettlaff

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