[Development] FreeBSD 10 and up, No gcc and solution

Daniel Dettlaff dmilith at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 13:30:14 CET 2015

> I created a spec for freebsd-clang based on freebsd-g++46.
> It’s described/ scripted how I did create freebsd-clang spec for fBSD 10 and 11 (tested with a lot of modules, and external Qt software since FreeBSD 10.0)
> Standard specs bundled by default are - freebsd-g++, freebsd-g++46 and freebsd-icc - which simply wont work anymore for newer FreeBSD OS releases (without gcc).

It’s also worth mentioning:

${SED_BIN} -i '' -e 's/-pthread/-pthread -lutil -lexecinfo/g’ qmake.conf

this part is necessary only under FreeBSD 10.x

Under 11.x it causes clang warnings (non fatal though so I left it this way).

kind regards
Daniel (dmilith) Dettlaff
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