[Development] glib's and Qt's RuntimeLocation [OS X]

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I think the chances of a Qt application depending on glib on Mac OS X are extremely slim, given that glib is not part of the default system installation. I think the much more common case of a Qt application on Mac OS X is to just use Qt and the system APIs without any third-party library dependency. So I think it makes sense if our defaults align towards that use-case and with what apple recommends for applications. Their documentation makes a compelling case IMO:



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This is a follow-up question to one I posted yesterday.

Looking into the paths used for QSP::RuntimeLocation in more detail I noticed
that GLib has its own ideas, using $HOME/.cache on OS X:


I have the impression that it's not that uncommon to use glib from Qt-based
applications; how (un)likely is it that the disagreement on the location of the
user runtime directory will lead to issues?


PS: why did Qt choose ~/Library/Application Support for that location? Isn't the
stuff stored there supposed to be volatile that doesn't need to survive reboots
or end up in (Time Machine) backups?

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