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Marc Mutz marc.mutz at kdab.com
Thu Nov 26 13:32:54 CET 2015

Hi Christian,

On Thursday 26 November 2015 11:50:10 Bauer, Christian wrote:
> Hello,
> There was a discussion about the "internal" class QFutureInterface a few
> months ago on this list [1] about making QFuture/QFutureInterface more
> like std::future/std::promise in C++11. It seems this is not going to
> happen before Qt 6.
> We have a use case for a promise though and the current QFutureInterface is
> not sufficient. A custom wrapper for the QFutureInterface solves this
> problem for now, but requires a patch of Qt.
> I am wondering if you are willing to incorporate this patch into the
> official Qt release. It's about adding a getter to QFutureInterfaceBase
> for the d pointer QWaitCondition. Such a getter already exists inside the
> QFutureInterfaceBase for the d pointer QMutex.

You should be able to develop a QPromise/QPackagedTask with the current 
QFutureInterface already. At least as long as it's attached to some 
QThreadPool. What, exactly, are you trying to do that requires a patch to QFI?


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