[Development] Suggestion for change on how blockers are marked in Jira

Blasche Alexander alexander.blasche at theqtcompany.com
Fri Nov 27 14:42:46 CET 2015

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> Sounds sensible, but what about all the existing bugs that have a "Fix
> version" assigned? Won't they all become blockers now? Or can a script
> wipe this field before the new semantics are announced?

I would suggest that when release management sets Qt 5.x.y to released in Jira, every unresolved bug with a fix for tag of 5.x.y is shifted out. After all, after a release there should be no further unresolved issues for that particular release.

>So we could define it like this: If a bug report is open and has "Fix 
>version: Qt X.Y", then it will be considered a blocker for Qt X.Y.

There is a small point missing here. Priorities still play a role here. P1 is blocker, every other priority is not a blocker but still targets 5.x.y. Of course depending on how close the release is the P4 fix may ot get accepted anymore and its fix for tag may have to be shifted eventually.

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