[Development] Suggestion for change on how blockers are marked in Jira

Paul Olav Tvete paul.tvete at theqtcompany.com
Fri Nov 27 14:53:47 CET 2015

On Friday, November 27, 2015 02:23:01 PM Eskil A. Blomfeldt wrote:
> I think a batched change for all open reports with a "Fix version" != 
> "Some future release" would have to be part of this. A quick check 
> reveals that we (for instance) currently have 27 unresolved bugs with 
> fix version set to "5.3.0", so this might be a good clean-up to have in 
> any case.

I thought we discussed that this should only apply to P1 (and af course P0) 
bugs? If a bug is a blocker, it is by definition a P1. There is some sense in 
allowing non-blocking bugs to have a Fix Version, to aid in planning.

As far as I can see, we have 157 bugs that have a Fix Version of 5.3.0 or 
later. Of those,   one is P0, and 25 are P1. About half of those are for 

- Paul

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