[Development] Sending key events on Qt 5.5.0

Christian.Paffhausen at ehrhardt-partner.com Christian.Paffhausen at ehrhardt-partner.com
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Hi Bo Thorsen,

thanks for that. But it's a little bit more complicated. There is no
PushButton. We record all keyboard input events, buffer them in a own key
event class, which is derived by QKeyEvent, and accepting the original
events. So the original key event will never reach the action. If our
internal states say ready for keyboard input, we sending our key event via
QApplication::sendEvent. In this part of the code, i know nothing about a
action somewhere. I only know about incoming key events and resending them.

The PushButton was only a demonstrator :-)


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Den 17-09-2015 kl. 11:21 skrev Christian.Paffhausen at ehrhardt-partner.com:
> i have a problem with manually sending key events and shortcuts on Qt
> 5.5.0.
> In our application, we have a QAction with a F5 shortcut in a toolbar.
> i press the toolbutton everything works fine. When i press the F5 key on
> keyboard too.
> But when i press a pushbutton, where the connected slot generate a
> QKeyEvent and send this event via QApplication::sendEvent nothing will
> happen.
> With Qt 5.4.1 it works, but with 5.5.0 not.
> I have attached a small example app, which describes my problem.
> Is this problem already known? Have you a patch or work around for me?

Hi Christian,

The solution: tAction->trigger()

I'm not trying to be cute or anything. This is what you should do.
Abusing the short cut system to send messages between widgets is a bad

That said, I also think you should report this as a bug. The behaviour
change between 5.4 and 5.5 is bad. But I've seen 5.5 behaviour change
bug reports closed as invalid for weird reasons, so you might not have
any luck.

I hope this helps.

Bo Thorsen,
Director, Viking Software.

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