[Development] New module for OPC UA

Volny fanda.vacek at volny.cz
Thu Sep 17 17:14:36 CEST 2015

‎+1 for qopcua. We, in our company, have also own qt opc-ua implementation based on freeopcua. I really like to switch to pure Qt opcua stack implementation where ever it will be placed in Qt modules :) 



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From: Konstantin Tokarev
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 17:01
To: Frank Meerkötter; development at qt-project.org
Subject: Re: [Development] New module for OPC UA

17.09.2015, 16:54, "Frank Meerkötter" <frank.meerkoetter at basyskom.com>:
> Hello,
> we as basysKom have developed a Qt API for OPC UA which we would like
> to contribute to the Qt project.
> OPC UA is a communication protocol developed for industrial
> machine to machine communication. The vision of OPC UA is to have
> one uniform, vendor-independent communication protocol for all
> industrial communication (from machine controllers up to enterprise
> level systems).
> Our API is a Qt wrapper for existing OPC UA stacks. We have a plugin
> mechanism in place so different OPC UA stacks can be used through a
> common interface. We have currently implemented an HMI focused sub-set
> of the client-side.
> Our initial contribution would include a plugin for the open source
> FreeOPCUA stack. We also have implementations for two more (commercial)
> OPC UA stacks available which we might contribute at a later point
> (depending on licence issues).
> We have reviewed the list of existing modules and did not find a
> module with related functionality. Therefore we would like to request
> a new module. Our preferred repo would be "qt/qtopcua".

This gets dangerously close to "qtopia" :)

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