[Development] QML import versions

Blasche Alexander alexander.blasche at theqtcompany.com
Thu Sep 24 08:42:07 CEST 2015

>Your "solution" to have all the minor version number of all modules the same
>as Qt would not work with third party libraries that have different releasing

In this thread we have almost exclusively talked about QML API's which are not released at a different time. Let's not talk about those 3rdparty possibilities which (to my knowledge) haven't even happened. Even if it does happen, it still doesn't mean that the modules which get released in step with Qt releases couldn't follow the same version schema. After all the upside is rather significant as we can avoid this version hell we have and intermodule dependency issues are easily solved.

>(And remember that the whole reason behind modularisation and the different
>version number comes from the wish to release QtQuick with a different release
>cycle than Qt itself)

Modularization serves a lot of other reasons as well. Please don't use this as a reason not to unify the versions.


P.S. For the record I am a fan of QML API's being versioned the same way as the related Qt release. Positioning, Location, Sensors, Bluetooth and Nfc have managed to do that for years.

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