[Development] A new approach for Qt main()

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
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Yes, and we will forever (?) support that kind of main function and application entry point. I don't think that we can break that.

I'm all interested in supporting a second supported way of describing an entry point that more closely matches today's semantics

of graphics applications on the underlying operating/windowing systems.

Oddly, I do like the way that we're doing this on Windows and have been doing it forever, by shoehorning main() into WinMain()

through a static library. I'm not suggesting to replace QtMain, but I wonder if we could offer a cross-platform QtMain (with a different

name that doesn't clash with the existing one) that requires the programmer to supply a _two_ (or more?) functions instead of one function. No

macros involved then.


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 > Q_GUI_MAIN(appInit, appExit);

Magic macros for main should be avoided, IMO.

A typical application main() can look like

     QApplication a();

     Initialization code for other libraries

     parseArguments(), return if failed

     show some FileDialog prompting for argument if sth was missing

     try {
     } catch (exception) {
     De-Initialize something

There is no way to shoehorn this into some macro; this can already be
observed when trying to adding some initialization to a test.



Friedemann Kleint
The Qt Company GmbH

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