[Development] A new approach for Qt main()

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How does this handle the cases that need code before the QGuiApplication construction? AFAICS it does not.


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The joke of the bikeshedding aside I for one do like the idea of exporting a QObject sub-class instead of a function. That makes it easier to extend in the future with more entry-points as slots for example.


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Seems this turned into a nice bike shed discussion quickly, so let me
use the chance to present my preferred Qt main(). I am totally convinced
that this one should rule the Qt world:

     class BlueBikeShedApplication : public QApplication

         using QApplication::QApplication;

         int run()
             if (!parseCommandLine())
                 return EXIT_FAILURE;
             if (!initializeColorBucket())
                 return EXIT_FAILURE;


             return exec();

     int main(int argc, char *argv[])
         return BlueBikeShedApplication{argc, argv}.run();

The big advantage I see in this approach is, that you work within a
proper QObject context with fully setup QApplication early. Also this
main() is sufficiently generic to be hidden in a platform specific
macro, or static library.

Thank you for reading,
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