[Development] Proposal to adjust release candidate process

Alexander Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Wed Dec 21 09:38:44 CET 2016


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> I wonder how much of the current pressure on releases is driven by the time-
> based release policy. We aim for a new minor release every 6 months which is
> admirable. But I wonder about the consequences of trying to stick to that at the
> expense of quality of the 5.x.0 releases, especially given the long turn around for
> subsequent patch releases.
 > * Do not rush the release at the expense of quality or when it's convenient due
> to packagers going on vacation etc. We release only when the release is
> deemed to meet quality standards.

Tuukka kind of made this point already but I'd like to make it more succinct.

We do not want to change the time or the quality constraint. We want to adjust the feature constraint. This means that you and I as maintainers very much have it in our hands to manage the release pressure. You have to fight your own weaker self and accept that you may not keep the quality up with your feature plans for the module you maintain.


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