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I think many users see a beta as something you better not touch, but a release candidates can be trusted much more. I know it's not intended that way but people learned by experiences. [??]

Maybe "pre release" or "preview" could be a name to show the final status?

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Em terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2016, às 13:34:39 BRST, Tuukka Turunen
> If desired, we could use some other name than "Release Candidate 1" for the
> release that begins the last phase of the release. It could be called "Beta
> 2" or "Technology preview", if so desired. Personally, I would call it
> "Release Candidate 1".
> The difference to our current process is quite small. In essence it would be
> about considering the "RC1" the beginning of the final releasing phase (.0
> branch), not something we do almost at the end of it. I believe that
> lowering the quality criterial for "RC1" helps us in being more efficient
> as it has been in practice impossible to really fulfill the current process
> goal and have already the first RC as good as the final.

I like the process, but I would also rename the release like you proposed. We
can't have something called "release candidate" when we *know* it's not a
candidate. Let's call it beta 2, beta 3, etc. until we can make it a release.

Release candidates are really the snapshots that the release team creates when
we're testing for sanity right before the actual release.

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