[Development] Proposal for "container-oriented deterministic memory manager"

Phil Bouchard philippeb8 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 01:07:49 CET 2016

On 12/26/2016 04:45 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Do you have any papers that show the advantage of the different possibilities?
> On modern CPU architectures.

There is an objective comparison here:

But the most popular answer is not true regarding reference counters 
because shared_ptr uses atomic reference increment / decrement for most 

Here's an interesting benchmark comparing shared_ptr with raw pointers:

Keep in mind that "shared_ptr's allocate_shared" is faster than 
"make_shared" and root_ptr is as fast as "shared_ptr's allocate_shared".

Also for the C++ programmers out there: root_ptr abstracts more 
elegantly inheritances than shared_ptr, intrusive_ptr, etc.

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