[Development] Qt WebKit dependency in Qt Assistant

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Wed Jan 6 19:51:54 CET 2016

06.01.2016, 21:15, "Kevin Kofler" <kevin.kofler at chello.at>:
> Hi,
> Aleix Pol wrote:
>>  One of the big news lately is the deprecation of Qt WebKit module.
>>  One of the Qt dependencies on it is assistant (which is a tool I use
>>  quite often, really) and AFAIK it's using it quite thoroughly. It used
>>  to be powered by QTextBrowser though, as far as I remember.
> We tried building Qt Assistant against QTextBrowser in Fedora long ago
> (IIRC, in an attempt to get rid of the circular dependency between Qt 4 and
> QtWebKit 4). We found that it was a very bad idea because the Qt help was
> looking horrible as a result, not to mention third-party help using
> Assistant. So this was very quickly reverted to QtWebKit. AFAIK,
> QTextBrowser's HTML and especially CSS support has not improved
> significantly, if at all, since then.
> This is really not funny:
> * you (= the Qt project) stop maintaining QtWebKit,
> * you deprecate it,
> * you stop providing even security updates for it,
> * and now you stop even shipping it at all,
> and yet you haven't even ported YOUR OWN code away from it! (And the
> QTextBrowser "solution" leaves A LOT to be desired.)

You might want to ship unofficial QtWebKit 5.6 in Fedora.


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