[Development] Design choice of QFileSystemModel

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Mon Jan 11 11:55:30 CET 2016

Op 08/01/2016 om 21:40 schreef Javier Jaramago Fernandez:
> Anyone knows about the issue related to this thread? qt-forum 
> <https://forum.qt.io/topic/7103/qfilesystemmodel-filter-problem/2>. In 
> concrete I wanted to know about this statement:
> "I can tell you that the filter is not being invalidated, but that 
> there is a list within QFileSystemModel that contains exceptions from 
> the filtering and calling setRootPath adds that directory to the list"
> This is actually happening in Qt 5.5.1. Is this an intended design 
> choice or should I report it as a bug?
Reading through that thread, I am wondering why people are modifying the 
QFileSystemModel's rootPath all the time, instead of leaving that static 
and setting the root index for the view instead...


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