[Development] Update QtWayland CI to Wayland 1.6+

Jędrzej Nowacki jedrzej.nowacki at theqtcompany.com
Thu Jan 14 16:05:17 CET 2016

On Thursday 14 of January 2016 06:39:29 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Thursday 14 January 2016 10:15:40 Jędrzej Nowacki wrote:
> >  I guess the whole point of having Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in CI is to support
> >  that
> > 
> > platform as long as it is important. As you said it will be important
> > until
> > 16.04 release. I think we could potentially remove 14.04 from CI on dev
> > branch after Qt 5.7 release. Can't you "ifdef" you code, so it "works"
> > with
> > the older Wayland too?
> I don't think it makes sense to support Wayland that old, especially not on
> a distro that decided to not support Wayland. It's probably better to just
> skip building Wayland altogether if the found libraries are too old.
> We just need a newer distro that does support Wayland to be present.

True, so the assumption is that Qt should compile on the 14.04 for now. It 
doesn't mean that the provided Wayland will be used. I'm fine with that :-)


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