[Development] Question about QCoreApplicationData::*_libpaths

Bo Thorsen bo at vikingsoft.eu
Tue Jan 19 15:05:15 CET 2016

Den 19-01-2016 kl. 15:00 skrev Marc Mutz:
> In Qt 6:
> 1. ... dropping CoW ...

I'm against any change that does this.

I know you hate and loathe them. I don't. I think this alone makes Qt 
containers worth while. And it doesn't matter what arguments you give, I 
already know and understand them. The pros of CoW to me outweigh the 
cons. We disagree on this, and that's perfectly okay.

However, there are also things in this argument where I agree with you. 
I do think there are more containers in Qt than necessary. It's not 
necessarily the case that Qt needs to have all types of lists, for 
example. And I would like to see Qt offer the use of std:: containers in 
the API.

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